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IT jargon in Japanese

Recently I became curious about Hadoop and Cassandra and decided to read more about them. The current trend in information technology creates a demand for different approaches for data storage. With an unimaginable amount of data flowing through the Internet (think Facebook, Twitter and Google), there has been a demand for distributed data storage which is also reliable and fast.

Hadoop is, simply put, a framework for creating a cluster of worker nodes, managed by a master node, which distributes tasks among the worker nodes. It is maintained by the Apache Software Foundation, and runs on Java.

Cassandra is a distributed and scalable database system, open-sourced by Facebook in 2008, and now maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. It is totally different from a relational database system, which has been a hype in the ’90s. Everything I learned about databases, did not apply to Cassandra.

So I decided to buy a book – the O’Reilly book on Cassandra – in Japanese.

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First post!

Famous quote from a lot of forums, and yet it carries no meaning. Same with this post: it is just a first post, gotta start somewhere, and that is probably the whole meaning of this post.

So why did I decide to use WordPress? After all, I have my own blog system, written in rather nice PHP and JavaScript, so why?

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