First post!

Famous quote from a lot of forums, and yet it carries no meaning. Same with this post: it is just a first post, gotta start somewhere, and that is probably the whole meaning of this post.

So why did I decide to use WordPress? After all, I have my own blog system, written in rather nice PHP and JavaScript, so why?

The problem with projects you work on in your free time is, they only evolve when you have lots of free time. And as my life has taken different turns, from being unemployed into being employed, and such things, free time becomes scarce.

My father, who is a Joomla user, used to ask me questions about how to do things in Joomla. I told him I don’t use Joomla, so I wouldn’t know, to which he said: “Right. You don’t use these things, you make them.” And that is what being a programmer is.

But, being a programmer is also sharing your experience with other programmers, and that is what I would like to do with this blog. And not only programming, but also other things that have my interest, such as Japan, the Japanese language and travelling.

So I stopped using my own system, and started to use a system that is evolving much faster than my own blog system will ever be. WordPress plugins are also an interesting area of development — another reason for my choice. So here is my “First post”, in WordPress.


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