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Trust & Safety Analyst at Google Japan. Main interests in information technology are PHP, Zend, C, C++, Java, Linux. Other interests include Japanese, math, physics, chess, FX/stock trading and traveling.

Automatically prepare your pages with Zend Framework 1

When you make a new website or work on a new project, you want to keep it as easy as possible to add new pages. Zend Framework 1 offers a few ways to do this, for example if all the actions in your controller share some common code, you would put that in the controller’s init() function. But what if your whole site shares some common code?

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First post!

Famous quote from a lot of forums, and yet it carries no meaning. Same with this post: it is just a first post, gotta start somewhere, and that is probably the whole meaning of this post.

So why did I decide to use WordPress? After all, I have my own blog system, written in rather nice PHP and JavaScript, so why?

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