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Multi-lingual views in Zend Framework 1

Ever felt like this?

Build us a multilingual website

If so, do read on. Because it has become easier.

Do you want to quickly organize your multi-language website in Zend Framework, such that you can easily add languages without breaking the website? And from there, progressively translate pieces of your website? Imagine a website where you have a handful of static content – think of about pages, policy pages and disclaimer pages – and you want to easily add translated pages to your system, without having to go through programming the logic of selecting the right view for these pages.

Look no further, for the ZF1E library offers exactly that solution. Using the built-in MultiLanguage resource, it will determine which language part of your website your visitor is accessing, and grab the correct view for that language.

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Multi-lingual resource in Zend Framework 1

To continue my previous post, but this time tie it to the Zend Framework (version 1), I have added a ZF application resource plugin to my library which redirects the visitor to the correct languageĀ sub-domain according to his browser’s settings. This plugin will take care of the redirection logic, and keep all the necessary information for the application to provide the user with the GUI elements for switching languages.

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Multi-lingual support in software development

One of the biggest challenges in software development is multi-lingual support. Surely you could create different versions of the application, and translate the bits of text where translation is needed. But this is not practical, as you would then have to maintain a multitude of versions.

In this post I hope to shed light on some tasks to make your application multi-lingual.
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