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Pablo Neruda, sonnet 81

I came across the English lyrics to “And now you’re mine“, sung by Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts in their “Il Postino” album. After some searching, I learned about Pablo Neruda, and the original Spanish lyrics of this song. It turned out to be a sonnet from his “Cien Sonetos de Amor” collection:

Ya eres mía. Reposa con tu sueño en mi sueño.
Amor, dolor, trabajos, deben dormir ahora.
Gira la noche sobre sus invisibles ruedas
y junto a mí eres pura como el ámbar dormido.

Ninguna más, amor, dormirá con mis sueños.
Irás, iremos juntos por las aguas del tiempo.
Ninguna viajará por la sombra conmigo,
sólo tú, siempreviva, siempre sol, siempre luna.

Ya tus manos abrieron los puños delicados
y dejaron caer suaves signos sin rumbo,
tus ojos se cerraron como dos alas grises,

mientras yo sigo el agua que llevas y me lleva:
la noche, el mundo, el viento devanan su destino,
y ya no soy sin ti sino sólo tu sueño.

The English lyrics linked above had some translations that I thought could be better, so here is my attempt into English, trying to keep it natural. Note that I had some trouble with the last line, but I hope it is an acceptable translation.

Now you’re mine. Rest dreaming in my dream.
Love, pain, and work should all sleep now.
The night spins its invisible wheels
and you are laying next to me, pure like a sleeping amber.

No one else, my love, will sleep with my dreams.
You will, we will go together through the waters of time.
No one else will travel through the shadows with me,
only you, immortal, forever my sun and my moon.

Your hands have already loosened their delicate fists
and softly dropped their drifting signs,
your eyes have closed, like a pair of silver wings,

while I follow the water that you carry, carrying me:
the night, the world, and the wind spin out their destiny,
and I am with you, simply as your dream.